What is the Meaning of a Promise Ring? 3 Promise Ring Ideas for Every Couple

What is the meaning of a promise ring? You might be surprised to learn that a promise ring isn't just for young couples. 

And despite what the Jonas Brothers may have told you, a promise ring is not the same as a purity ring. 

purity ring is a promise of abstinence, whereas a promise ring is a sign of a long-term commitment. However, some faith-based couples may choose to use them interchangeably.


What is the Meaning of a Promise Ring?

The meaning of a promise ring - woman's hand with 3 promise ring options

A promise ring is a sign of commitment for young couples. Unlike an engagement ring, there is no promise of marriage behind a promise ring. 

Instead, a promise ring should tell your partner that you're looking forward to a future together— without setting anything in stone. It's a commitment to building a life together before you're ready to say your "I Do's."

Here are a few reasons you may want to give your significant other a promise ring over an engagement ring:

  1. You're Young: Teenagers, students working on their degrees, or young couples building their careers shouldn't feel rushed to get married. But while saving up for that engagement ring, why not treat your SO to a promise ring?
  2. You're in a Long-Distance Relationship: You've already had the marriage talk, but maybe your partner is deployed or working overseas. In the case of a long-distance relationship, a promise ring is a great way to advocate for your future together. 
  3. You're an Anti-Marriage CoupleFewer couples are deciding to get married these days. Maybe you and your significant other would rather spend that money on a vacation or a rental property. Or maybe you both just don't want to get married. But after ten years, calling your partner boyfriend/girlfriend gets kind of boring. And you're both clearly committed to each other. Getting each other a promise ring is a less expensive way to showcase your commitment and love. 

Is a promise ring necessary? It depends on your relationship!

If you related to any of the reasons above, it might be worth discussing. Talk with your partner to see if they like the idea of a promise ring and now that you know the meaning behind it!


Where Does the Promise Ring Go? 

where does promise ring go - hand with rings on left ring finger

You may be wondering which finger the promise ring goes on. Traditionally, the promise ring goes on the left ring finger (the same as an engagement ring).

However, some couples decide to wear the ring on the right hand as a small acknowledgment of their commitment. Others even choose to wear promise rings on their forefinger and middle finger. 

This is something I recommend discussing with your partner. As I mentioned, a couple should discuss whether or not they even want to bother with a promise ring.


promise ring price - joujou initial rings from Caye Joaillier

How To Give a Promise Ring

In regards to how to give a promise ring, it depends. Everyone is different when it comes to special moments.

DISCLAIMER: You don't want your partner to mistake your promise ring for an engagement ring. So definitely keep this in mind before you make a big show of it. 

The best way to give a promise ring is simple: put some thought behind it. Ask yourself. "What would make this moment special for them?"

A handwritten note? A photo capturing the moment? Or would they be happy to get their promise ring in the middle of an ordinary day? Here are a few cute ideas on how to give a promise ring. 

Promise Ring Price: What To Expect 

You can expect the price of a promise ring to be under $2,000. But again, it depends on your situation. 

If you're young and still developing your finances, a unique promise ring like this might be better for your budget. 

On the other hand, if you've been with your partner for a significant amount of time, splurging on a sparkling ring like our Dizzy Hearts will ensure it lasts a lifetime


Promise Ring Ideas

A promise ring means that you're excited about a future together. You've probably been together for a couple of years, you may live together, or you may like the idea of a promise ring vs. an engagement ring.

If you've read this far, you've already convinced yourself that this is a good idea! So, to help you out even more, here are 3 promise ring ideas to get your loved one!

Promise Ring with Initials

promise ring initials

Nothing says love like our JouJou Love Band!

Get your girl a diamond-studded initial ring that will make her friends do a double take. You can make it even more unique by combining both of your first initials (we also have the JouJou Name Band if your girlfriend's name is 3 letters or less).

The  JouJou Love Band comes in 18K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or silver.

Elegant Promise Rings

simple promise ring

Were you looking for something a little bit more minimalist? This elegant Essential Band is an excellent idea for a promise ring or a starter engagement ring. 

And for those who like a pop of color, you can get the same band in ruby red, pink, emerald green, or sapphire blue.

Unique Promise Ring

unique promsie rings

If you want to go above and beyond, our Dizzy Diamonds will give you unique ideas for a promise ring. 

This is our intricate animated collection— meaning that the diamonds on these rings actually move! Some of our best sellers are: 

How can you pick out a promise ring without her knowing? These tips might help!

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