Size Guide

Measure A Ring

If you have a ring, some string and a ruler, this is a great and simple way to check your size:

  • Pick a ring that fits the finger you want to wear your Caye ring (Don’t forget Our Joujou Band can be worn as a midi/knuckle ring too!)

  • Measure the internal diameter with the string and then measure it in millimeters.

  • Convert it on the Caye Chart below! (Yes, it’s that easy!)


Measure Your Finger

You can use a measuring tape, a string or even a piece of paper (If you’re not sure, let us show you how on zoom!)

  • Wrap the string around the place on your finger where you want to wear the ring (Make sure it’s exactly as tight or loose you would want the ring to be)

  • Note what the measurement is on a ruler in millimeters

  • Convert it on the Caye Chart below!