3 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Her

Did you save your Christmas gifts for the last minute again?

Us women say we're simple, but I'll let you in on a secret: Even we don't know what we want. 

It's true that us women change our minds frequently from day to day. After all, we have about 7,000 thoughts a day coursing through our brains. 

That's a lot of stuff to comb through! 

You might sing, "It's the most stressful time of the year!" But let me give you some quick and easy options to help you pick out Christmas gifts for your wife, grandma, mom, or even your mother-in-law, 

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3 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for HER: Wife, Girlfriend, Mom, Grandma, or Mother in Law

last minute Christmas gifts for her

It doesn't have to be hard to pick a Christmas gift for your girlfriend, grandma, or mom. Even your wife and mother-in-law would agree that these are their top picks when it comes to gifts:

  • Present #1: A vacation 
  • Present #2: A car
  • Present #3: A house

See, that's not that hard!

I'm kidding. I imagine it's difficult for men to wade through these types of posts because you'll find a lot of different suggestions. Not every wife wants the same thing for Christmas!

That's why I did my best here to categorize gift options with a few examples for each one. 

If you need extra help picking out a gift, leave a comment here with what you're thinking! We'll do our best to give you unbiased feedback. 

#3 Last Minute Christmas Gift for Her: A Staycation

last minute Christmas gifts for her: a staycation basket (basket of books, journals, wine, etc)

Give her a break, give her a break, break her off a piece of that a-lone-time!

Whether your wife is The Planner in the relationship or you are, she'll thank you for this (especially if you make it a tradition). Book her a local Air BnB for some much-needed alone time.

Here's how you turn this into a full-fledged gift: 

  • Step 1: Grab an Easter-type basket (or a new purse for a triple win).
  • Step 2: Fill it with everything she needs for a Wifey Weekend (a good book, wine, a robe, a tripod in case she wants to film some Tik Tok videos).
  • Step 3: Put the reservation confirmation in a card with some sweet words about why she deserves it.

Maybe throw in a Kit-Kat bar. ;)


#2 Last Minute Christmas Gift for Her: Something Handmade

etsy homemade dog sign for a last minute gifts to get for your wife christmas

Credit: Etsy Store SweetieSignCompany

Okay, this one is tricky if this is genuinely a last-minute Christmas gift for her.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

  • The Good News: 81% of buyers on Etsy are women. This means there is a high probability that you'll find something unique on Etsy that the women in your life will adore. 
  • The Bad News: Because it's handmade and run by small businesses, shipping time can take a while. 

The solution is to contact the seller when you find something you like and ask for an ETA and expedited shipping options. 

You don't have to be vigilant to figure out something she would like. 

For example, does she like dogs? Look at all of the options!

What about DIY projects or Home Decor? There's something for literally any woman.


The #1 Christmas Gift for Your Wife, Mom, or Girlfriend: Jewelry

animated moving rings by Caye Joaillier for gifts for your wife christmas last minute

Oh, she said she doesn't want jewelry? Lies!

Let me tell you about the two types of women there are when it comes to jewelry:

  1. The Minimalist
  2. The Hoarder

The Minimalist probably doesn't like to wear a lot of jewelry. I have a friend who adamantly refuses expensive jewelry as gifts because she often loses or breaks it. 

The Hoarder is the jewelry fiend whose thirst for glittery accessories cannot be quenched!

I can help you pick out jewelry that both of these women would love you for:

For the Minimalist, get her one piece of expensive jewelry. Besides her wedding ring, this is the only piece of jewelry she will have to take care of.

The trick is to get her something unique- and something that's not a ring because she already has one (or two) of those "lifetime" pieces. 

Instead, get her something like this Essential Quartet necklace. She'll never have to fret about how to accessorize for a wedding ever again. Or, if you want to get her something unique, get her this sliding bracelet from our Dizzy Collection.

The Hoarder is a little bit easier to shop for: get her something dazzling. Again, our Dizzy Collection is one of a kind because the diamonds literally move!

No, not like those cheap anxiety rings. Something like this

Don't worry— payment plans are available, so it still works as a last-minute Christmas gift for her.

Want something fast, easy, and something no other man has given her? Check out these Dizzy Diamonds— the only jewelry she can play with!

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