What's a Stackable Ring? Here are 3 Ways Celebrities Wear Them


I was recently talking to a friend about how to accessorize. She's more of a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, so when she buys anything, she wants to make sure she'll:

  1. Wear it often, and 

  2. It won't turn her skin green

Her problem is that she wants to make a statement with her jewelry while still achieving that dainty look. Naturally, I suggest stackable rings. 

"What's a stackable ring?" she asked.

Describing it to her on the phone made her think of how we used to wear rings when we were teenagers. You know what I mean: putting on any and every type of ring from Claire's that fit our (exceptionally bad) tastes in the early 2000s. 

Thankfully, I told her, there are ways to wear stackable rings that will make you look chic, elegant, or— if it's more your style— like the classiest rocker chick in town. 

What's a Stackable Ring?

A stackable ring is any type of ring that can be worn in multiples at once. It can be made of many different materials and come in many different styles. They can be worn on any finger or even on your toes!

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a sucker for big, bold jewelry when it comes to fashion and accessorizing. While I love statement pieces, sometimes it's the more understated options that can elevate an outfit — and make it more complete.

Case in point? Stackable rings. These little jewelry essentials can be worn with virtually any outfit and are perfect for those days when you feel like dressing to the nines. 

And because they're stackable (as the name suggests), you can wear one or many at a time.

Where did the stacking ring trend originate?

The stacking ring has been around for decades.

The trend of the stacked rings originates from the traditional bridal jewelry we still wear today: a simple wedding band atop a stunning engagement ring. This started with the 16th-century gimmal rings to harem rings and has progressed into the myriad of ways to stack your left ring finger.

Monica Rich Kosann has done a fantastic write-up on the history of stackable rings if you're interested in learning more.

How To Wear Stackable Rings

When it comes to wearing stacking rings, there are no rules - just have fun! 

One way to wear your stackable rings is by mixing metals such as gold, rose gold, and silver together in one look. 

Another way to wear them would be using stackable rings with birthstones, so each finger stands out against other jewelry pieces.

Don't know where to start when it comes to stacking rings? No worries! Check out these 3 simple ways to start wearing stackable rings:

1. The Dainty Look

 ring-stacking-Caye Joaillier

The best thing about stackable rings is that there is no right or wrong way to wear them. You can mix and match multiple rings with different styles, textures, and metal finishes for a unique look. 

If you want to try out the trend, start off with something simple like our Essentials Slim Bands. Choose from stackable rings with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies and where them all on one finger! Or, you mix and match them on multiple fingers.

Looking for something a little more flashy, yet chic? We have stackable rings with initials

stackable rings initials

Stack one JouJou A-Z band on each finger to spell out a message that's meaningful to you (pro-Tip: try to stick to a 4-letter word).

You can get away with going bolder and wearing more rings with this look. Plus, it'll look more organized than a pile of mismatched rings.

2. The Statement Piece


What's a stackable ring without a statement piece? 

Think of this stacking ring style as your typical wedding finger setup. You just wear a simple band (like these Essential Slim Bands) under another ring that has a bit more flair. 

I recommend stacking your statement rings on any finger other than your pinky. You can even stack two statement rings on one finger (like this)!

Here's another example: look at the way Cosmopolitan.com's Creative Director, Abby Silverman, pairs Caye Joaillier's statement JouJou Name band on her middle finger with another colorful statement ring and a simple band on her ring finger.

It's the perfect stacking ring balance because it's both dainty and eye-catching. 



Here are 3 Statement Rings that are easy to stack:

3. The Rocker Chic


When it comes to stacking rings, I say the more, the merrier! Stackable rings are a great way to express your personality and style. 

If you think you can rock two complete stacks of rings on one hand (and I think you can), this elegant "rocker chic" stackable accessorizing look is perfect for you.

The key to not going overboard? Never have more than two statement rings on one finger, and try not to wear an Essential Bands on two fingers in a row. 

Instead, you'd want to mix and match. For example, you can stack your rings like this:

Right Hand (from left to right):

Left Hand (from left to right): 

Here are 5 more ideas for stacking rings. Shoutout to Kestan for the incredible video!

 3 Ways to Wear Stackable Rings like a Celebrity 

Wanna hear something cool? Celebrities from JLO to Kehlani have actually been spotted rocking Caye Joaillier stackable rings

I know; I can't believe it either. 

But there's no denying it: celebrities are the ultimate trendsetters as far as jewelry is concerned. From Audrey Hepburn to Kate Middleton, celebrities have a history of wearing stacking ring sets. 

And stackable rings are a great way to add a little sparkle to your style. Whether you want to mix and match different gemstones or play with different metal finishes, there is no wrong way to wear stackable rings. 

Here are 3 ways to wear our stackable rings inspired by celebrities.


how to wear stacked rings

Jennifer Lopez wore our rings for her INSTYLE cover shoot from last April!

JLO went for "The Statement Piece" look by pairing a yellow gold Diamond Essential Slim band with a 'J' Joujou A-Z band in yellow gold. 


how to wear stacked rings

Singer/songwriter Kehlani is wearing Caye Joaillier for her Playboy Magazine feature.

On her left ring finger, she is wearing the Dizzy Swirl in Yellow Gold and a tight Dizzy Bliss on her upper pointer finger for a "Dainty Look."

Mickey Guyton

how to wear stacked rings

Another talented artist, Mickey Guyton, knows just how to stack her rings for that Rocker Chic look. 

In this picture (Credit: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images), Mickey is stacking three of our rings:

  1. Dizzy Swing
  2. Dizzy Bliss
  3. Dizzy Swirl

Stackable Ring FAQs

What are stackable rings?

What's a stackable ring, you ask? It's more of a verb than an adjective.

It's the act of stacking rings using strategic methods (see above) to wear a combination of simple and statement rings. 

Which finger do you stack rings on?

All of them! Except maybe the pinky finger because your ring will be limited to only that finger due to its size. And they're just harder to stack. 

How to keep stacking rings from spinning

  1. Measure your fingers first: Get the size of each finger and each section of your finger (before and after the knuckle). Here's how to measure for rings. You can get affordable ring measurers right from Amazon. Also, here's how to check your ring size
  2. Get a Ring Guard or Invisible Ring Adjuster.
  3. Get it resized.
  4. Stacking! Simple bands like these are more prone to spinning. Stack it with a statement ring to help keep it in place. So, pretty much everything we went over in this article :)

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