Cleaning, Care & Repairs

  • The movement makes our pieces a bit more delicate than traditional jewelry. Exercise caution when exercising and don't wear the rings under gloves (especially boxing gloves: Ayesha tried and doesn't recommend it. Ouch!)

  • We recommend that you talk someone else into washing your dishes and cleaning your house but if that’s not happening, take off your rings while cleaning and play the music really loud.

  • Apply perfume and lotion before you put on your jewelry to ensure it stays nice and shiny. Lotion can stick to the mechanism and prevent your diamonds from sliding smoothly.

  • Clean your Caye by soaking it in a bowl of warm water with a tiny bit of dish soap. Air dry on a soft cloth.

  • If disaster strikes and you need something repaired, please contact us at and include your name, best contact email, best contact number, your order number, a description of the damage to your item and how it occurred and the address for where your repaired item will be shipped.

  • Once we receive your repair request, a member of our jewelry hospital team will be in touch with you shortly.

  • We can’t guarantee that repairs will be possible if you do something totally reckless so be good to your jewelry!

  • If you damage a component and it must be replaced, we’ll attempt to match the original as closely as we can.


  • To ensure that the movement stays snappy, we recommend that you polish your piece every 2-3 years.

  • When needed, we recommend that you send your piece back to us for a spa day: we’ll polish it and do a quick quality check of the movement too.

  • We charge a very nominal fee + shipping.


  • We don't offer engraving for the Joujou collection but if you have a crazy idea that you absolutely must do, contact us and you might be able to talk us into it.

  • For a real customized experience, please check out our bespoke section where you can collaborate with Caye and design your own piece!