Garnier x Caye Joaillier

Caye Joaillier had the amazing opportunity to partner with L'Oréal’s for the launch of Garnier’s Hair Filler Launch Party, where guests had the opportunity to experience being zapped with Caye permanent jewelry.


Garnier's new shampoo likely emphasizes strengthening hair, which aligns well with the concept of permanent bracelets conducted by Caye Jewelry. The event provided an opportunity to showcase how both products contribute to enhancing beauty and confidence by creating a STRONG BOND.

Attendees loved the opportunity to receive a 14kt bracelet that would never come off. ‘It’s a beautiful keepsake from a beautiful event’ said Ayesha Mehta, founder of Caye Joaillier. 

Read more about the event here: https://www.bizbash.com/production-strategy/experiential-marketing-activations-sponsorships/media-gallery/22889767/see-inside-this-clever-garnier-fructis-product-launch-event

Coney Island Girl

Like video in a world of still photos,
Caye Joaillier is the next generation of jewelry, alive
with the joy of movement.

A Special THANK YOU to our Caye Clique:

Photographer: Gail Job
Videographer: Zayira Ray
Model: Gissell Diaz






Color Me Happy

She loves the finer things in life but trusts her own taste. She doesn't
need the status of a label to fall in love. She's open to experiment with
new brands, especially when they speak to her personally.
Introducing Caye!

A Special THANK YOU to your Caye Clique:

Photographer: Brat Van Sichem
Model: Emilie Hanssens