Necklace Lengths Chart: How To Find the Perfect Size

Hey, girls! It's that time of the year again when we think about buying a new necklace. Or maybe it's your monthly ritual. 

No judgment here.

Below I'll walk you through the different necklace lengths, how to measure your perfect necklace size, and how to layer necklaces.

Here's what you'll need:

  1. A piece of string and a rule, OR
  2. Flexible measuring tape

Yep, that's literally it!

And don't worry if your necklace size or preferences changes from time to time. By following these instructions, you can choose the right necklace length every time.


How To Measure Necklace Size

necklace length chart

Okay, figuring out how to measure a necklace size is pretty simple. You take the necklace you want to measure, lay it out flat, and measure the length with a ruler (like the super professional graphic I made for you below!).

how to measure necklace size

But for you to understand the necklace lengths that work for you specifically, you need to know how to measure your neck:

  • Step 1: Wrap a string or a flexible measuring tape around your neck. You always measure the base of your neckline where the collarbone meets the chest. 
  • Step 2: Pinch the string or tape at the longest end to hold your measurement in place.
  • Step 3: Unwrap the string from your neck and lay it flat next to a ruler to see how many inches your neck is.

Necklace Lengths Chart: How To Find the Perfect Size

women's necklace size chart

You've probably seen the variety of necklace lengths. They can go from 14 inches to 37 inches!

The size of your neck will determine how low your necklace hangs. For example, a 14-inch chain will look longer on someone with a 13-inch (34 cm) necklace compared to someone with a 15-inch (38 cm) neck. 

Your weight usually plays a role in how large your neck is. One 2015 study says the average neck circumference size for women is:

  • Normal weight: 13 inches (34.1 cm)
  • Overweight: 14 inches (36.1 cm)
  • Obese: 15 inches (38.5 cm)

However, many things affect how wide your neck is— not just your weight. Your workout routine and genetics also play a role.

So don't freak out if you're not in a specific range!

Now that you have your neck size, you can decide on your preferred necklace lengths.

To do this, add your Necklace Length minus Neck Circumference, divided by two.

Let's say you have a 14-inch neck, and you're not sure if you want to buy a 16-inch necklace or an 18-inch. Here's how to do the math:

  1. 16 - 14 = 2/2= 1
  2. 18 - 14 = 4/2= 2

With a 16-inch necklace, you'll have about 1 inch between the base of your neck and the bottom of your chain. With an 18-inch necklace, you'll have 2 inches of breathing room. 

So it all just depends on how long you want it to hang!


How To Layer Necklaces (without tangling)  

woman wearing layered necklaces - how to layer necklaces (without tangling)

There are three ways I like to layer my necklaces, so they don't tangle.

Option #1: Put your necklaces on in order of length. 

For example, If I wanted to wear an 18-inch and 16-inch necklace with a choker, I would put on the 18-inch necklace first, followed by the 16-inch and the choker. 

Option #2: Get a Separator

Get a matching necklace detangler clasp (also known as a separator) like this one.

These are made specifically to layer necklaces without tangling. You can get them in different materials, colors, and styles. You can coordinate 2,3, or even 4 different necklace lengths. 

Option #3: Get a Bolo Necklace

A bolo necklace has an adjustable chain that allows you to change how long the necklace hangs.

As Jewelili puts it, a bolo chain is when "Both the ends of the bolo [necklace] run through this pulley clasp, which allows the wearer to adjust the size of the [necklace] to their [neck] or wherever they wish to wear it…"

For example, our Dizzy Slide Necklace has a bolo chain, so you don't even have to worry about your neck circumference! 

Like most of our necklaces, the Dizzy Slide can be as long as 16 inches. But you can shorten it into a collar size (reaching your collar bones) or even a choker (right against your neck).

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