How To Clean Gold Jewelry at Home

It’s easy for jewelry to get dirty. Everyday fingerprints and dust will take away some of that shine, but chemical buildup can permanently impact your fine jewelry pieces. 

Gold jewelry, in particular, is a soft metal. Because of this, there is a delicate process on how to clean gold jewelry. 

The good news is that plenty of jewelry cleaner DIY methods for your fave gold pieces. And they take under 20 minutes.

So, here’s how to clean your jewelry at home!


How To Clean Gold Jewelry

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There are three main types of gold metal:

  • Yellow Gold: This is the purest form of gold. It's more susceptible to scratching but easiest to maintain.
  • White Gold: While more durable and scratch-resistant than yellow gold, it's about the same price. It can sometimes look silver in color
  • Rose Gold: This is gold jewelry that has a pink tint (almost like a light copper). It's the sturdiest form of gold and the least expensive

The process of how to clean gold jewelry in all its different forms is pretty straightforward: there is no difference! 

I recommend cleaning your gold jewelry at home once a week. You can buy a sustainable jewelry cleaner that is safe for gold jewelry or use one of the DIY methods below. 

If you own any Caye Joaillier pieces, you can ship your gold jewelry to us to be professionally polished whenever you want! However, this is only necessary, like, every 2-3 years (or before a big event!).


Jewelry Cleaner DIY Methods 

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I absolutely encourage you to clean your jewelry at home—especially the stuff you wear daily. 

You might be in the habit of “cleaning” your rings every time you wash your hands. This isn’t enough, and depending on your hand soap, it could damage your jewelry

Other products that come into contact with your hands, like lotions, perfume, and shampoos, can also dull your bling. This is especially true for Caye jewelry since many of the diamonds move.

That’s why you should put lotion and perfume on before your jewelry to avoid locking the mechanisms

Learning how to clean gold jewelry at home is pretty easy. Try one of these jewelry cleaning DIY methods, and let us know here how it works!


Option #1: The Daily DIY

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You can easily work this into your daily routine. Since we all (unfortunately) have to do dishes a million times a day, I recommend cleaning your pieces while you do this annoying chore.

Make it a habit of taking off your daily wear (rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) when you do dishes. Put it in a special jewelry bowl (like this) with warm water and add a drop two of dish soap. 

Then, just let them soak while you wash the dishes. When you're done, cover up that drain, rinse them off, and shield your eyes from your jewelry’s illustrious new shine!

Oh, and let it air dry on a soft cloth. 

Option #2: The Deep Clean

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Time is the only difference between this jewelry cleaner DIY method and the one above.

And a toothbrush!

After letting your jewelry soak for 15-30 minutes, take a soft-bristle toothbrush (like a kids' toothbrush) and do a deep cleaning. Don’t be too harsh, though. You don’t want your diamonds popping out!

Speaking of gems, if you have any natural stones in your jewelry, like pearls or emeralds, you should not soak those in your dish soap and water solution. Instead, clean these gems using your toothbrush in light, circular motions. Rinse with tepid water and let it air dry. 

This is super important for our jewelry if you want to keep them animated. Use the toothbrush to clean out any debris (we’ve seen lotion, hair, and food get stuck in there). Rinse it off with cool water and let it air dry before going back to playing with your jewelry.

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