Where To Buy Unique Religious Jewelry In A Worldwide Marketplace

It seems like it should be easier to express your faith through jewelry. Yet, it seems difficult to find those pieces of unique religious jewelry.

So we decided to do something about that.

These symbols exist in all cultures from around the world and throughout history, connecting us all in a common thread.

What Are the 4 Main Universal Religious Symbols?

religious-jewelryThe experience of wearing a meaningful symbol is universal.

A religious symbol is an image or object that represents a belief, culture, or faith. These symbols are used to communicate with the higher self and with the deity in which we believe. They can also signify the cultural customs from which the religion originated.

The four most commonly known religious symbols are:

  1. Muslim crescent: Represents Islam and dates back to the Ottoman Empire when it was used on flags. 
  2. Hindu Om: The Om and Chakra are symbols of Hinduism that date back to 4,000 B.C.
  3. Jewish Star of David: A common Jewish symbol and is supposed to have been created by King David in 1,000 B.C.
  4. Christian cross: The cross is a symbol common to Christianity. However, it was used long before Christianity symbolized life in paganism.

I'm sure that, while you're searching for unique religious jewelry, you want a piece that is dainty and conservative. That's why I think our new moveable JouJou Faith collection is going to be right up your alley!

Where Can I Buy Religious Jewelry? 

unique religious jewelrySure, you can buy a cross or Star of David necklace from Etsy or Amazon. But we've created a way for you to wear your personal beliefs with pride in a unique way.

This line is inspired by global beliefs in the core values of faith. That's why we made sure to include four collections that reflect the cultural symbols from various countries and religions.

In addition to that, our unique line of religious jewelry is stylish, elegant, and animated.

That's right: each pendant has a moveable accent diamond that dances in the sunlight. These pieces will turn heads and have your friends at church asking, "Where did you get that?!"

Unique Religious Jewelry from Our New Collection! 

Our new line of religious jewelry is designed to be meaningful and beautiful. Each piece is inspired by the commonalities between religious symbols.

So no matter your beliefs, I hope you enjoy getting better acquainted with the history and meanings behind each pendant. 

1. Om (Hindu symbol) - Holi 

om pendant meaning

In Hinduism, an Om represents one consciousness that unites us all. If you've taken a yoga class, you may have even chanted "Om" as a way to feel connected. 

According to this article, "by reciting Om we meditate upon many different attributes, manifestations, and powers of God."

Here's an even better explanation.

We've crafted our Joujou Om pendant with a moveable diamond. The dancing diamond at the top represents 'Turiya,' the idyllic state. In moments of anxiety, wearers can play with the animated diamond to feel grounded, peaceful, and blissful.

Get our Om pendant if you want unique jewelry for Holi celebrations!

2. Moon and Crescent (Muslim symbol) - Ramadan  

meaning of crescent moon symbol

In Islam, the meaning of the crescent moon symbol is destiny and paradise. It pre-dates Islam by several thousand years. Most sources agree, "...these ancient celestial symbols were used by the peoples of Central Asia and Siberia in their worship of the sun, moon and sky gods."

It's also a representation of the annual Muslim commemoration, Ramadan. For an entire month (April 1-May1), Muslims partake in fasting (sawm), prayer, reflection, and community. Ramadan begins when the first crescent moon appears and ends at the moon's next appearance, which is usually 29-30 days later.

If the crescent moon symbol means something to you, our Muslim pendant jewelry makes excellent accessories for Ramadan.

3. Mabel/Star of David (Jewish symbol) - Passover 

mabel jewelry

In Judaism, the Star of David is said to represent God's protection over all Jews as well as a heroic symbol.

According to legend, "the Star of David may have originated from the Shield of David (known as the Magen David in Hebrew, מָגֵן דָּוִד). It may also have evolved from the mysterious Seal of Solomon (five-pointed star) that was used in the ancient world as a talisman."

In modern times, the star of David is associated with the number 7: the 6 points of the pendant plus the center. In Judaism that might refer to:

  1. The 7 days of creation (a.k.a the seven days of the week with the center of the symbol representing Sunday or the day of rest)
  2. Seven Archangels of God
  3. The seven branches of the Menorah

So whether you're celebrating Passover, Shabbat, or Hanukkah, our Star of David jewelry is the perfect everyday piece to show your pride. The Joujou Star embraces two dancing diamonds that represent strength and honor. 

4. Cross (Christian symbol) - Lent / Easter

christian jewelry for women

In Christianity, the cross is a symbol of Jesus' crucifixion, which it's believed brought salvation to all believers. 

Today, the cross is a sign to express faith, fortune, and Jesus himself. A cross pendant is thought to protect its wearer from any evil spirits as it is a clear symbol of devotion to God. 

All branches of Christianity recognize the cross as a symbol of their beliefs in God, Jesus, and the Bible. Divisions of Christianity include:

  • Catholics
  • Protestants
  • Baptist
  • Evangelist
  • Methodist
  • Presbyterian
  • Lutheran
  • Evangelical
  • Mennonite
  • Quaker

We're proud to offer this elegant JouJou Cross pendant for everyday wear. The dancing diamond is embedded to add a dash of brilliance to the classic cross. In moments of need, wearers can move the diamond to feel and remember of their assurance in God. 

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