The Science Behind Anxiety Relief Rings and Where To Get Them


By now, you’ve seen anxiety relief rings (also known as fidget rings) all over Tik Tok and Instagram. 

They look cool and, sure, they’re pretty. But here’s what you really think when you see these videos: 

Do anxiety rings work?

I honestly didn’t want to hop on this trend. Just like fidget spinners, I predicted that they would be a craze that would (very) quickly go out of style.

But I was curious, so I looked at the science. 

You won’t believe what I found.

Do Anxiety Rings Help? Here’s What The Science Says 

To be clear, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to relief for anxiety, depression, or any other kind of mental hindrance. 

The truth is, anxiety rings may not help you. Just like breathing exercises or medication might not help your peer who struggles with these issues. However, you’ll never know what will work for you without trying. 

Or without understanding how it helps. 

Only 43.2% of adults never receive treatment for issues like Generalized Anxiety Disorder (which affects women twice as much as men). So it’s about time we start looking at self-help alternatives.

You might be surprised to learn that scientists are actually studying how anxiety relief rings can help. Here’s what I found out:

#1: Anxiety Rings Help Distract You

What is the first thing you do when you have downtime?

I’m willing to bet that anytime you’re sitting in the doctor’s office or waiting for your latte, you pull out your phone and scroll on social media. 

Tell me I’m wrong!

Mindless scrolling is a way to distract yourself, whether intentional or not. In fact, we’ve become so obsessed with checking our phones that we do it subconsciously.

While there’s a lot to be said about the mental advantages and disadvantages of excessive social media use, I think we can all agree we need to get better at being in the present moment.

Anxiety rings are a way to do just that. Have you heard of the 5-4-3-2-1 Coping Technique for Anxiety? These rings work kind of like that. They encourage you to use your senses (touch and sight) to get your mind off of anxious thoughts. 

So instead of pulling out your phone the next time you feel restless at a Starbucks, a fidget ring can be just enough distraction to help ground you to the present moment. 

anxiety-relief-rings#2: Anxiety Relief Rings Improve Focus

Even if you don’t have anxiety, you fidget. We all do it in some way:

  • Twirling your hair
  • Biting your nails
  • Playing with a necklace
  • Tapping your foot

So why do we fidget? Fidgeting is most commonly associated with conditions such as ADHD. However, science says that (sometimes) we fidget to help cope with stress and anxiety.

Being able to move during a particularly stressful activity (working on a project, studying, giving a speech, etc.) helps stimulate the brain and improve focus

One hypothesis says. “fidgeting is a coping mechanism the body employs to promote natural stimulant release, enabling the mind to focus on tasks.“

Except nobody wants to whip out a Rubik cube or a fidget spinner while we’re performing these tasks. That’s even more distracting

That’s why anxiety relief rings are becoming such a powerful (and discreet) tool for managing stress and improving focus. 

#3: Fidget Rings Help with Stimming

Stimming is a repetitive movement such as tapping your foot, clapping, rocking, or— your guessed it— spinning objects.

Neurodivergent people (e.g. those with autism or ADHD) practice stimming daily. Some people even believe that stimming can help autistic children and teenagers manage emotions and cope with overwhelming situations.

I'm not saying these anxiety relief rings are a cure-all for these occasions. But they do act as an elegant and (more importantly) consistent tool for grounding emotions. 

Where To Get Anxiety Rings


Suffice it to say that this information has completely changed my view of anxiety rings. In fact, I’m approaching the idea of movement jewelry with a whole new perspective.

I want to create classic, fine jewelry that’s alive with animation. My goal is to remind you to be alive and in the moment wherever you go. And if my designs can help relieve even just a tiny bit of your anxiety (without anyone noticing), I’ll be one proud jeweler. 

You can get anxiety rings on popular websites like Etsy, Oura, or Amazon. However, if you’re looking for a place to get anxiety relief rings that offer a variety of styles, you’ll want to look at Caye Joaillier.

Oh hey— it looks like you’re already here! 

Here are 3 of our options for anxiety jewelry:

1. Dizzy Collection 


Not all fidget jewelry needs to have beads and stainless steel. What if you’re an anxious gal that happens to love her diamonds?

The Dizzy collection has over ten different styles of movable jewelry in yellow, rose, and white gold.

One of our best sellers is the Dizzy Swirl: a sleek modern ring that twirls around your finger like a snake.

2. Joujou Collection


Named after the French word for toy, Joujou is how Caye spells fun. You can play with your Joujou jewelry and carry joy with you wherever you go.

This collection of rings allows you to choose one or three initials to glide over your diamond-paved band. 

We like to call them monograms in motion. 

3. Fidget Jewelry


If rings aren’t your thing, both of these collections offer moveable alternatives that you'll love:

Talk about stimulating jewelry. 

These anxiety rings are glamorous, customizable, and fit for any occasion. And no, they won’t turn your finger green if you decide to wear it to the beach or at the gym. These beauties are fit for fun and made with 18kt gold. 

The great thing about anxiety relief rings is that they can always be with you. Unlike fidget spinners, these dainty pieces of jewelry are accessible to relieve your anxiety whether you’re in school, at work, in the car, or at a theme park. 

So whether you’re looking for anxiety relief rings because of stress or you just want a really cool piece of jewelry that moves, I think you’ll be happy with the options we have for you.

You need an anxiety relief tool that will make you feel better (in more ways than one). Choose your chic, new accessory from our moveable jewelry collection. 

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